Front Audio Buzzer LED Display Parking Sensor Kit(TOP-FAD9B04MF0)

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Main Features:
. Universal Parking Assist System
. 4 sensor system for car front protection
. LED display
. Five different frequencies of alarm sound according to distances,can turn on/off
. Mini main unit, easy to install
. Precise detection range
. Self-test function
. Four seperate sensor spacers (rings) for sensor angle adjustment
. Sensors can be painted to match vehicle
. Detachable sensor with waterproof wire connectors
. All-weather design

. 4pcs double angle sensor
. Material: Plastic housing (All weather design)
. Colour: Blacks / White/ Silvery
. Mounting hole size: 21mm in diameter
. Sensor head size: 25mm in diameter flat
. Sensor depth: 21mm 
. Detachable cables

. Crescent small shape digital display screen
. Precision accuracy: M
. 3 Color LED 2 Channel display
. Alarm by Bi-Bi sound
. Turn on/off the voice according to your desire
. Loudness: 80-100 dB

Technical parameters:
. Rated voltage: DC12V
. Operating range: 10.5V ~ 16V DC
. Detecting distance: 0.3m to 2m
. Detecting angle: H>60 degree, V>60 degree
. This kit can be fitted to most cars or vans that have standard plastic bumpers.We do not recommend this kit for fitting to metal bumpers.