Million Pixels HD 5CH Hybrid Mobile DVR (TOP-DVR8705)

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◆ HIS Solution,H.264 Compression Mode, Many stream recording,provide 720P Million Pixels video recroding effect, Compatible with 5CH Million pixels HD video surveillance/recording/playback (4CH real-time 720P Million Pixels AHD input or 2CH HD input+2CH SD input, or 4CH Analog Standard Definition camera input) + 1CH 1080P IP Camera input.
◆ Real-time HD Video Recording, 720P/D1/HD1/CIF for Optional,Adjustable Frame Rate Quality.
◆ Professional power system design for vehicle, 6-36V wide voltage. With multiple protecting circuits, such as overload, undervoltage, reverse connection, to meet kinds of vehicles.
◆ Support DC 12V/2.5Amp output, it can offer power for cameras,mini monitor and some peripheral device.
◆ HDD + SD card storage (maximum support 2TB 2.5" hard disk and 128GB SD card), can completely resist data corruption from car vibration, dust or other reasons.
◆ Watchdog function for abnormal restart, protecting SD card and records.
◆ Exclusive pre-allocate DVR Special file system technology to ensure the integrity of data, solving the problems of file fragmentation.
◆ ACC delay off Video Recording Function ( Highest support long delay time 24 hours.)
◆ Power-off protection, unique UPS technology protect the integrity of records from emergency accidents. The device even can work 10-15 second when power supply cut off.
◆ Auto Record/Manual Record/Alarm Record etc working mode to meet different requirements.
◆ Display vehicle traffic status, Vehicle numbers ,Route, Super-low speed vehicle Information, Convenient management.
◆ Support Extended Module, 3G/4G optional,  GPS/BD , G-sensor and WIFI.
◆ 3CH RS232 +2CH RS485, abundant expansion interface.
◆ Superior network function, can configure menu through IE, support mobile SMS to configure parameters and obtain device infomation.
◆ Support Monitoring, Intercom, PTZ Control, Manual Alarm, Overspeed Alarm, Geo Fence etc through monitor platform.
◆ 8CH Alarm Input (Doors, lights, steering, braking, reversing and all types can be configured), can linkage kinds of alarm.
◆ 2CH Alarm output, Support the linkage acousto-optic alarm, cut off fuel oil/power,etc .
◆ Support Local Auto-photo when alarm input,device pictures preview function.
◆ Specialized aviation connectors ensuring signal stability.
◆ User-friendly GUI providing easy and flexible operations.
◆ Aluminum die-cast chassis with no fan design well adaptable to working environment.
◆ Powerful function monitor platform, support real-time monitoring, intercom, playback, recording, high definition capture, and more functions.
◆ Support SD card Remote Software Upgrade/OTA remote upgrade automatically, partition backup technology upgrade don't crash.
◆ Support phone remote monitoring and 3G phone calling.
◆ Support PTZ/POS/Oil Sensor/LED Advertisement Panel etc.
◆ Can be batch functional customization according to customer's requirements.